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Online Acute Stress Treatment
Acute stress develops as a response to a traumatic event, but we are here to help you!
Acute stress disorder (ASD) – what is it?
ASD develops as a response to experiencing or witnessing a traumatic situation such as:
  • The death of a close person
  • Car accident
  • The threat of serious injury or death
  • Sexual assault
  • Natural disasters, etc.

The symptoms of ASD can manifest days or even a month after a traumatic event occurs.If ASD is left untreated, it can transition into PTSD.
How does it work
Treatment of emotional and mental conditions is impossible without consistency and dedication. We are here for you to help you on your way to complete recovery.
3. Follow-ups
2. First video appointment with a therapist
Start your therapy with the first appointment with a licensed therapist, who, based on your symptoms and needs, will create an individual treatment plan for your acute stress disorder.
Effective treatment of mental and emotional disorders, including acute stress disorder, requires follow-ups so that a doctor can assess your improvements and adjust therapy if needed.
We have a short questionnaire, a Smart symptoms checker, which will help our specialists assess your current state.
1. Symptoms assessment
Acute Stress Disorder Treatment strategy
Why should you choose Swiss Medica USA?
We offer the best mental health care via telemedicine available today as we employ only the best, licensed professionals in each field
The treatment is started with an accurate diagnosis based on your symptoms
Your doctor will select for you the optimal individual treatment plan, including self-help techniques, counseling, and medications
We provide 24/7 Care Team support via messaging, besides follow-ups
Assessment of Acute Stress Disorder
We assess the severity of your ASD based on the DSM-5 criteria and DSM-4-based Acute Stress Disorder Scale (ASDS). It is needed to exclude other mental disorders and make a precise diagnosis.The online assessment is based on figuring out the severity of the 5 major ASD symptoms:
  • Intrusion symptoms: repetitive thoughts, dreams, and flashbacks about a traumatic event
  • Bad mood: inability to enjoy things.
  • Dissociative symptoms: detaching yourself from the emotions.
  • Avoidance symptoms: avoiding talking and thinking about a traumatic event.Arousal symptoms: trouble falling asleep, restlessness, inability to focus.
Acute Stress Disorder Treatment
The treatment of ASD is aimed at the elimination of the existing symptoms and prevention of the transition of the disorder into PTSD.

The treatment plan usually includes the following:
Our specialists will come up with an individual treatment plan taking into account your symptoms, health history, nature of the traumatic event, and other factors.
There are two types of therapy used for ASD treatment:
Pshychoterapy for ASD
Drug therapy for ASD
To quickly eliminate severe bothering symptoms, a number of drugs can be prescribed. Some of them are:

  • Antidepressats
  • Beta-blockers
  • Anticonvulsants
  • Antipsychotics
  • Sleeping pills
  • Painkillers
Benefits of Getting an Online prescription
  • Fewer mistakes in drugs names and dosages
  • Always accessible prescription history
  • Quick processing
  • No need to go to the clinic for a refill
  • Online prescriptions are delivered to the pharmacy of your choice
Swiss Medica USA saves your time on visits to a doctor for prescription refills. Once your doctor prescribes you a drug or several drugs, you can get a prescription on the same day.
Begin the treatment of ASD today to avoid complications
Follow a tailored treatment plan and begin your journey to healing.