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Online care can help you get through your ADHD challenges
  • Fast scheduling of appointments with therapists or prescribing providers
  • 24/7 messaging support
  • Regular remote visits via video calls
  • Smart and easy symptoms checker
  • No need for insurance
You can book your first appointment for just $25. The maximum appointment cost is $195. It depends on the service you chose and your location.
Take a step towards healing today
We offer expert help for ADHD and other mental conditions
Panic attacks and Phobias
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Optimal ADHD management plan for your
With us, you will have as many remote appointments via video calls with specialists in ADHD treatment. We have a SmartCare symptom checker system helping to assess your progress and adjust treatment, respectively. Our specialists will give you prescriptions for fill-ins and deliver them to the pharmacy you choose to make the process as comfortable as it can be. Our team provides 24/7 messaging support to all patients.

Do you want to understand your ADHD symptoms better to make the right decision?
Schedule 2-5 drugs prescriptions
Billed monthly
Cancel anytime
We offer a flexible system of follow-ups allowing you to pay for each appointment individually. You can manage your symptoms with our specialist, who will monitor your improvements for from $99 to $175 per visit, depending on the package.
We approach each case of ADHD individually
We treat each patient individually according to their current condition, needs, and pace.

You don’t need insurance to cover our services as we make them as affordable as possible.
Ensuring privacy
We ensure complete confidentiality of your data you share with us.

You can get the help you need wherever you are through video visits with our therapists.
We help you get your mental health and emotions under control with individually-chosen online therapy plans based on your needs and aims.
Join today and pay from only $25 for the first visit and $99 for follow-ups. It’s a limited-time offer, so hurry up!
Start your path to healing today in just 3 steps
We offer you professional help for managing your mental and emotional health
Therapy and prescription management
Make an appointment with a therapist
Start your therapy with the first appointment with a licensed therapist, who, based on your symptoms and needs, will create an individual treatment plan.
You can choose the pace and number of meetings with your therapist to discuss your progress, concerns, etc. If you need drugs, your therapist will give you prescriptions for fill-ins delivered to the pharmacy of your choice for your maximum convenience.
We have a short questionnaire, Smart symptoms checker, which will help our specialists assess your current state.
Fill in a short online form
Why our online mental care services are what you need
  • Our specialists use only the best treatment protocols developed by industry-leading experts.

  • With our service, you can remotely contact your therapist via a video session from wherever you are.

  • We provide 24/7 support via messaging.

  • To provide online mental care, we carefully select the best therapists, counselors, prescribers, psychologists, and MDs

  • Our specialists can give you prescriptions on the day of the appointment, including Schedule 2-5 drugs. They are delivered to the pharmacy you chose.