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About Swiss Medica USA
Swiss Medica USA is an online platform that brings mental healthcare to the next level. We have gathered a team of licensed mental health specialists willing to use their expertise and knowledge and help our patients remotely. Our platform offers you to treat ADHD, anxiety, depression, and other mental health disorders via online appointments with our doctors and prescribers. We save your time on regular doctor appointments and bring the solution you need to your home.
Online appointments

Through our platform, you can have online appointments via video calls with our mental care specialists, who are qualified to treat an array of mental and emotional conditions, monitor progress through our SmartCare symptom checker, and prescribe you medications if needed. You can always count on help through messaging from our Care Team, which is available 24/7.
Online diagnosis

You can turn to us even if you don’t have your diagnosis yet. First, complete our symptom checker questionnaire. It will help you, and your doctor better understand where you are at now. Then, during your first appointment, a doctor will make a more precise diagnosis based on a video consultation.
Online prescription

If you need medications for your mental health condition, you will be given online prescriptions that will also be sent to the pharmacy you chose so you can pick up the drugs at a convenient place and time. Based on your follow-up visits, your doctor can adjust your treatment pace and either give you monthly refills or change the prescription.
Online Counseling and Therapy

Now you don’t need to leave your home to talk to a therapist. You can receive all the help you need through a convenient video call platform. You can choose how many therapy or counseling sessions you need per month on your own.
Our Mission and Values
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How does it work
Get a consultation with a mental health specialist
Fill in an online form
To help you and your future doctor better understand your condition, you will be asked to fill in a short questionnaire about your symptoms. We call it our Smart symptoms checker.
Now you can make an appointment with one of our specialists who will consult you during a video visit, establish a precise diagnosis and prescribe your individual treatment plan. Further, you will have follow-up visits with your doctor, who will then assess your progress and adjust therapy if needed.
To start using Swiss Medica, you need to sign up to our website with your email and create a safe password. Creating your account is the first step to accessing the services we provide.
Sign up
Get online prescription
After your first online consultation with one of our specialists, they will decide whether you need drug therapy or not. If you indeed need medications, they will give you an online prescription and send a prescription to the pharmacy you chose so you can pick up the pills.
Improvement of anxiety symptoms within just three months of treatment
Patients could overcome their stress and resolve family and work problems
Successful online prescriptions and refills
Improvement of ADHD symptoms in just two months of treatment
Need any assistance? Just contact us!
Swiss Medica USA is the platform that connects you with certified mental care providers who can remotely diagnose, tailor a treatment plan, and give you prescriptions for the needed drugs delivered to your pharmacy. Sign up on our website and book your first consultation today – it’s the first step to a healthier and happier life.